Trilha sonora: O Cavaleiro Verde, por Daniel Hart

Gawain embarca em uma missão para enfrentar o Cavaleiro Verde, um ser misterioso que apareceu em Camelot com um desafio enigmático.

O compositor Daniel Hart também escreveu as trilhas de "A Luz no Fim do Mundo" (2019), "Meu Amigo - o Dragão" (2016) e "Caminhos Perdidos" (2015).

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1 - "In Stori Stif And Stronge"
2 - "Christ Is Born Indeed"
3 - "You Do Smell Like You’ve Been At Mass All Night"
4 - "Tell Me A Tale Of Yourself, So That I Might Know Thee"
5 - "Shaped By Your Hands"
6 - "O Greatest Of Kings"
7 - "Remember It Is Only A Game"
8 - "One Year Hence"
9 - "I Promise You Will Not Come To Harm"
10 - "Child Thou Ert A Pilgrim"
11 - "Rest Them Bones My Brave Little Knight"
12 - "A Meeting With St. Winifred"
13 - "Your Head Is On Your Neck, My Lady"
14 - "Are You Real, Or Are You A Spirit?"
15 - "I Will Strike Thee Down With Every Care That I Have For Thee"
16 - "Aiganz O Kulzphazur" (feat. Emma Tring)
17 - "The Giant’s Call"
18 - "Brave Sir Gawain Come To Face The Green Knight"
19 - "Should Not A Knight Offer A Lady A Kiss In Thanks?"
20 - "Hold Very Still"
21 - "Do You Believe In Witchcraft?"
22 - "You Are No Knight"
23 - "I Never Asked For Your Help Anyway"
24 - "Gawain Runs And Runs" (feat. Katenka Vindelev & Bobak Loftipour)
25 - "Blome Swete Lilie Flour"
26 - "Excalibur"
27 - "O Nyghtegale" (feat. Atheena Frizzell)
28 - "Now I’m Ready, I’m Ready Now"
29 - "Be Merry, Swete Lorde" (feat. Katenka Vindelev)

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