Enfim... saiu a apresentação de Jack White no Lollapalooza Argentina


"Just One Drink"
"Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" (The White Stripes)
"High Ball Stepper"
"Broken Boy Soldier" (The Raconteurs)
"Baby Blue" (Gene Vincent cover)
"Hotel Yorba" (The White Stripes)
"Temporary Ground"
"Weep Themselves to Sleep"
"Cannon" / "John the Revelator" (The White Stripes)
"Three Women"
"We're Going to Be Friends" (The White Stripes)
"I'm Slowly Turning Into You" (The White Stripes)
"Would You Fight for My Love?"
"Power of My Love" (Elvis Presley cover)
"The Lemon Song" (Led Zeppelin cover) (with Robert Plant)
"Ball and Biscuit" (The White Stripes)
"Sixteen Saltines"
"Steady, As She Goes" (The Raconteurs)
"Little Bird" (The White Stripes)
"Seven Nation Army" (The White Stripes)

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